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Indiana University Chinese Flagship Program and The Language Flagship

Indiana University’s Chinese Flagship Program aims to get students to a professional level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, while allowing students to simultaneously major in any undergraduate program at Indiana University. The program includes classroom learning, extracurricular activities, overseas study, and a capstone year in China. With over 300 majors at Indiana University students can major in variety of fields while still gaining professional proficiency in Chinese.

Since August 2008, the Chinese Flagship Program has also been part of The Language Flagship, a government program run through DLNSEO (Defense Language and National Security Education Office) within the Department of Defense. The Language Flagship is a national effort to change the way Americans learn languages. Flagship offers language programs at schools across the United States for undergraduate students in critical languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu. Designed as a network of programs, The Language Flagship seeks to develop the next generation of global professionals, commanding a superior level of proficiency in one of many languages critical to U.S. competitiveness and security.


For more information about The Language Flagship please visit their website and see the video below