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Retreat at Bradford Woods

The Chinese Flagship holds a student retreat at Bradford Woods Outdoor and Leadership Center each fall, gathering students, faculty, and program staff together in a pristine 2,500-acre natural environment to practice communicating with one another in Chinese, play games, and create the strong bonds of a close-knit learning community.

This two-day, language immersive excursion usually begins with a hike, icebreaker activities, and food. At night, students and instructors join together around the campfire to share stories, laugh, and roast s’mores. Later, participants break into small groups and play mahjong, lang ren sha, xiang qi, and other cultural games in Chinese.

Then, we start the second day with traditional morning exercises. The rest of the day is spent learning songs in Mandarin and experimenting with cooking various Chinese foods for a group lunch before returning to campus.